Disciplines in Online Marketing

Top 10 – Online Marketing Disciplines

Online marketing can be differentiated by marketing channels, objectives, media, devices and much more. Below we have listed our top disciplines of online marketing for a quick overview. These include perennial favorites such as performance marketing or search engine marketing, but also current developments in the field of mobile and podcasting. The list is sorted by current search volume according to Google trends.

Content Marketing

Content is the raw material of the Internet. It’s about placing the right content in the right places (keyword: touchpoints) on the web. Content makes the company’s brands known, introduces products, creates publicity and pays into virtually all other channels. Good content is shared, linked, read and ultimately leads to conversion at some point.

Social Media Marketing

Social online media (social media) link private space with public social life via the Internet. Social media is not equally important for every business. However, if you decide to build your target groups on Facebook & Co., then this is a constant process. The most common mistake in social media marketing is to underestimate the regular effort. Because nothing is more detrimental to success there than outdated content, long response times and unprofessional community management.

Voice Search & Messenger Marketing

Direct communication as a sales driver is not old hat, but one of the most important means in online marketing. With chatbots, messenger bots and voice search, a customer can already be picked up during their everyday smartphone and social media experience. From regular push information to customer service to booking tickets or events, voice enquiries are the fastest route to the destination for consumers and marketers.

Mobile Marketing

A perennial favourite is mobile marketing. It receives relatively little attention, smells after its hype about SMS subscriptions many years ago a bit musty like old hat. However, a large proportion of customer contacts in online marketing today take place via mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Apps for these smart helpers improve the user experience and offer significantly more possibilities than conventional websites. Messaging via SMS, MMS or WhatsApp is also aimed at people on the go and represents an important point of contact with brands and products.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing (SEM) includes all marketing measures that take place in the field of search engines. Classically, SEO and SEA are distinguished. Search engine optimization (SEO) deals with the optimal construction of visibility and reach in the search results of search engines. Search engine advertising (SEA), in addition to SEO, is a way to improve visibility and reach in search engines through purchased ads. The boom in this discipline is over at the latest with the rising prices, especially for AdWords, and the consolidation of search results. Nevertheless (or precisely because of this) SEM is one of the basics that nobody can avoid.

Influencer Marketing

Influencers are personalities with medium to large reach who impress others, maintain a personal relationship with their followers with charm and competence via social media and thus have great influence. What more could advertisers want? Influencers report in their niche on current topics, developments and, of course, products, while of course looking forward to sponsors to promote their products. Influencer marketing is all the rage.

Target group marketing

A marketing campaign can only work with precise knowledge of the target group. This is all the more true for campaigns in online marketing, where the click to the advertiser is done quickly, but an inappropriate content or the wrong approach also quickly leads to the jump. In the field of target group marketing, it is therefore important to define the needs and questions of the target group, habits, whereabouts and preferences. Target group definition is necessary, but also very time-consuming. Those who shy away from this effort now risk losses in the entire sales funnel.

Direct & Performance Marketing

A direct line to the customer has always been very important for companies. This category is about the direct customer approach and the development of the most suitable and legally secure address list lists and communication channels. Even if there is not yet much awareness of the term performance marketing, somehow everyone does it!

Funnel Marketing

Online marketing professionals use the “conversion funnel” or “sales funnel” to describe the idea that a customer goes through many phases with various touchpoints on his way to completing a purchase. This area is also closely linked to the customer journey and a cross-channel “multi-channel” buying experience. The more we know the target group (their needs and habits), the more successful they can be led to conversion. Funnel marketing is currently booming, can this discipline and school establish itself permanently in the field of online marketing?

Podcast Marketing

Just a few years ago, podcast marketing was at home in some niches. But it has developed splendidly and has long since arrived in the mainstream! With audio and video subscriptions, authentic content can be distributed even on complex topics. The recorded content can also be conveniently consumed with a smartphone or other smart devices. Podcast marketing is also comparable to the streaming offers of broadcasters, which still mostly rely on their own apps, but these isolated solutions will not be accepted by young listeners for long. That’s why podcast marketing is our trend of the hour. If you join now, you can build solid channels and loyal brand ambassadors.