Top 7 Business Directories for Local SEO

Is it worth entering directories? This question is not easy for laymen to answer, and even professionals do not always find it easy. The answer is: it depends. Hereby we give all those who are still undecided, a decision-making aid. The top 7 web and company directories helps you focus the effort on the most important directories.

Assessing the quality of online directories

Directories on the Internet differ in several aspects. They have different qualities, advantages and sometimes also harbor dangers that every website owner should consider when making a decision. Before registration, each list must therefore be examined and the usefulness of registration weighed.

The following quality criteria are particularly important:

  • How old is the directory?
  • How well is it linked on the Internet?
  • Does the directory appeal visually to the user?
  • Are the contents of the categories maintained?
  • Does the directory inform the visitor seriously?
  • Does the directory set real links or does it use tricks like nofollow?
  • Are backlinks required or not?
  • Does registration cost a fee?
  • Is it aimed at companies or website owners?
  • Does the provider of the directory react promptly?

Are web directories still useful?

The question of meaning cannot generally be judged for all web directories. Many web directories are deficient. They are poorly maintained, weakly linked, require a backlink, or pick up any rubbish. You do not want to appear in such directories.

Other web directories are well maintained, take some effort, are very well linked, take care of the advantage of their customers. In such web directories, registration offers real (added) value for SEO companies and their customers. So the trick is to recognize the good directories.

In which directories should one be registered?

We have determined the best directories by type and quality for you. Please note that there may be other directories in your niche in which the entry is worthwhile.

The classics of business directories

These directories are old and proven. They can lead many new customers to you. For this you have to maintain them well or buy a premium entry.

1st place: Google My Business – the directory of Google Maps

For local SEO, it is very important that Google understands where and when companies can be reached. Local SEO in Germany works like everywhere in the world: The most direct way to local search engine optimization is Google My Business. Here you as a company can have your branch confirmed by post and then maintain all important company data (including opening hours and photos) yourself.

2nd place: Yellow Pages – the original

Many people still know “Yellow Pages” as a thick, printed, yellow company register. In the meantime, it has been largely replaced by the online version. Local service providers and craftsmen in particular can benefit twice from this. Yellow Pages leads new customers to the company and is also often used by more conservative target groups.

3rd place: 11 88 0 is still known to many through the funny commercials with Verona Pooth. The company combines telephone enquiry with business directory and back-office service. Companies registered here can win one or the other new customer because of the good range. At the same time, such a strong entry also affects local SEO.

Directories that SEOs like to use

SEO companies – from freelancers to agencies – of course also have special directories in the back. They’re often not very well known, but they help optimize the link mix for general and local search results. Each subsequent SEO directory is editorially maintained and does not include every website. Keep this in mind when you subscribe to this online verification.

Rank 4:

The company directory is still quite new and shows its own qualities. Here not only companies and locations incl. Links and a lot of additional information are advertised, but also any kind of online content. And it’s even free of charge. That’s why professionals use it both for local SEO, where every address entry counts, and for seeding new articles and website projects.

Rank 5: OnlineStreet

The OnlineStreet directory started as a web catalog with the former DMOZ database. Today, it has largely shed its past and combines a digital business directory, a street directory and many information services. Companies that register there (free of charge) get a real link and pay for it with their name, in whose environment a lot of Google advertising appears.

Rank 6: BeamMachine

One of the old German web directories is BeamMachine. It has been online since 2004. Here companies can register with and without linking and there is no backlink obligation. In this way, new customers find the company, the local search engine optimization is strengthened and the website is easier to find on Google. A fee is charged for checking and maintaining the entries.

Rank 7:

The De-Linkliste is a very old and well-maintained web catalog. Non-profit entries are free of charge, company entries are remunerated with a fee of currently 30 euros. For this, you will receive a high-quality link to the website. The effect on local SEO is rather secondary here, but that depends on how much effort you put into the entry.

Your experience with company entries

Have you already had experience with the topic of company registration? Then write us in the comments which of the above directories you have already tried and what your experience is with them. Have your positions on Google improved? Have you won new customers?

We look forward to your feedback.